past work

recv'd productions tackles a wide variety of projects and media. Please browse a few of our past projects. If you have a question about a specific project we've done, or questions about a project you'd like to explore, contact us.

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documentary video

“UP North 2005”, with Spiral Q Puppet Theater. Documentary on the first year of the 3 year North Philadelphia Puppet and Parade Collaborative (NP3C).
“Echoes of War”, the photographs of David Swanson in Iraq. Picture of the Year International Award - First Place, Multi Media Division, Multi Media Story and Essay
olive Dance Theatre, BlackRock Residency Program promotional video
Various Retrospective Slideshows

dvd authoring

Missing Foundations / Mad at the World records - menus
Positive Numbers Fest 2004 DVD - menus
R.A.M.B.O. “Bring It!” LP/CD bonus DVD. examples: main menu, features menu, transition
World Affairs Council presents "Islam and the West" (4 DVD set) - menu
Toll Brothers, Dublin Ranch Villages DVD [also includes seperate multimedia presentation]*
The Baltimore Sun Presents: Desegregating Baltimore City Schools*
9 Shocks Terror DVD: menus

motion graphics

The Revitalization of Center City: 1956 - 2006. 6-Part video series - dvd menus / graphics
Caron Foundation, Award of Excellence 2005 & 2006 - open, clip 1, clip 2
STEM Talent Development Forum Intro
Wharton School of Business, Forum on Innovation 2005 samples
Haverford Trust, Conference 2005

NOBIS Productions
Chevy Chase Bank, Making the Most of Your Career
Center City District: 15th Anniversary Video - Intro, Close
The Philadelphia Orchestra, Access Concerts

Toll Brothers, various home tours

music video

Anthrax “Safe Home” / “Taking the Music Back”
From Autumn to Ashes “The Royal Crown vs. Blue Duchess”
Strength in Numbers “Rise and Resist” TV spot
"Terrorism" - Video created during the "24 Hour Arty People" event 2005-04-22
My Compass Spins “The City is Burning”. Directed / Edited by Katie Morrison. Band site.


The Great Clearing Off “In Flight from the Terror Behind” [Shockwave, 1 MB]
Cursive “Ugly Organ” [Shockwave, 1.7MB]
An Albatross “Lazer Viking”
An Albatross “1. Bird 2. Cake 3. Sex Collextive”
Kill the Man who Questions - CD discography
Limp Wrist: “Thee Official Discography” [Shockwave, 745KB]


olive Dance Theatre - “Strung” dual simultaneous video projection [edited by Michael Spelman]
olive Dance Theatre - “Brotherly Love” triple simultaneous video projection

*KR Video project.